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SGM Investment offers exclusive and custom made projects.



SGM Investment is an independent, privately-held premier consultancy company, offering unmatched and proven solutions in areas including construction, stock market, overseas investment, business establishment, real estate, citizenship and education. 

SGM proudly works with leaders, companies, and individuals to help make the right buying, selling and investment decisions with A-Z projects.



A-Z Project Consultancy

We offer from Stock Market Consultancy to Overseas Investments.

Dedicated Team

We are a team of experts working for the modern technologies.

Winning Strategies

We develop world class custom made solutions with the experience and know-how we gained over the years.


Construction Investment Consultancy

Here in SGM Investment, we aim at the maximum benefit within your budget with superior service and perfect quality understanding from project stage to operation. We are here for the best and the most valuable, and we are here to share everything we know.

Our consultancy company, which works in all areas you can think of, from urban transformation projects to interior architecture, always offers the best returning solutions with a transparent approach. We respond to all your questions in the field of construction with our professional team within our structure without compromising on innovative approach and creating living spaces, and at the same time we produce solutions that will give you a big win.


Stock Market Investment Consultancy


If you are looking for a safe haven in a vast ocean like the stock market, you are in the right place. In fact, we’re more than a safe harbor. A gate that will grow your investments with the right and timely moves and take you to larger ports. If you want to win, knock on our door.

It is very important to catch the right time to gain from the stock market. Keeping track of the entire market, dominating developments across borders in a globalizing world, anticipating crises and capturing opportunities… SGM Investment offers services that will determine your route and increase your earnings. With our business partnership based on mutual trust, we ensure that all of our customers in our portfolio approach the safe ports.


Overseas Investment Consultancy


How logical is it to look only from  your own window in a globalizing world? Many undiscovered opportunities are waiting for you out there. Our vision and approach guarantees that we will target much more than you will expect. Come on, let’s go beyond the borders together.

Our company provides services in the fields of foreign trade training, consulting, customs clearance and logistics, and help you to develop your business with efficient policies. We conduct market research for our customers who want to bring their products to consumers abroad and manage the whole export process if requested. SGM will be your right partner if you want to go across the borders.

Business Establishment Consultancy

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Let’s talk about how to get started, combine our experiences with your passion and let your roots into the business world in a strong way. If you want to start a business but don’t know where to start, contact us for your roadmap. Luck is with those who hold the future. We’re with you.

In addition, we support all the challenges that entrepreneurs can face during the process and enable you to use all instruments effectively to turn the venture into a profitable investment. You should have a strong base in order to success later on. 

You now have one address for everything you need to know about real estate markets. Regional fair prices, developing investment places, districts or provinces that will increase in popularity and gain more in the future. If the real estate for investment is always the safest port for you, SGM Investment is always with you at this port.

Our company, which provide services in a wide portfolio ranging from renting, sale of property to land sales, shares the investment opportunities that will earn in the short or long term.

 Real Estate

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Education And Citizenship Consultancy

Education is one of the biggest investment to the future. Education has an important place in life cycle as the first steps of a successful career. If you are confused about what is best for you or your children, let us evaluate the best and suitable choices together. Also with all of our solutions, we can evaluate your eligibility of Turkish citizenship and find the best solutions for you if you want to apply. 

Our team will definitely find the best fit for you in all the projects and offer you more if you are interested in earning a citizenship and become a Turkish citizen.

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Ertuğrul Gazi Dist. Metropol İstanbul A Block Floor. L1 No.9 Ataşehir / İstanbul



+90 216 999 3586





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